Shore Fishing in Oahu, Hawaii

April 20, 2013

Shore Fishing in Oahu, Hawaii

There are lots of spots where you can go shore fishing in Oahu, Hawaii. Because of this, it is a great idea to bring your fishing gear when you visit the area. You can go fishing in the 112 miles of shoreline of Oahu, which is great because you will surely be able to choose multiple sites where you can go shore fishing while taking in the view.

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Places to Go Shore Fishing

Here are some of the places where you can go shore fishing in Oahu.

  • Oahu Bays

If your aim is to catch small fishes, you can go fishing at Waialua Bay, Fish Pokai Bay and Kaneohe Bay. It is recommended that you use live bait to lure the fishes. The locals buy live crabs and sand worms at tackle shops to lure small fishes at the shoreline.

Talk to the locals to know more about the techniques that you can use to catch more fish. They will gladly lend you a hand and teach you some of the techniques that they use to lure lots of small fish.

  • Oahu’s Harbors

You can go fishing and catch a variety of fish at the Pearl Harbor of Honolulu Harbor in Oahu. You can also go east and check the harbor of Kaneohe, the He’eia Kea Small Boat Harbor.

Use squid, shrimp and shellfish if you want to catch a lot of fishes. You can catch skipjack tuna, whitefin trevally and surgeonfish at the harbors of North Shore.

  • Beaches

If you want to go shore fishing in Oahu, Hawaii while sightseeing or dipping in the warm salty water, you can go to various beaches and try shore fishing. Just make sure that you know the regulations in the areas that you are planning on shore fishing because there are regulations regarding possession limits and size of the fishes that you will catch.

There are also closed fishing seasons at some beaches in Hawaii so it is ideal that you check with the beach that you are planning on going to before you book your vacation.

  • Piers

Try shore fishing at the public piers of Oahu if you want to catch lots of fish. Because there are many kinds of fish that are feeding and staying at the rocks below the piers, you can catch a variety of fish by just casting your bait under the pier.

You can try shore fishing at the piers of Pearl Harbor, Sand Harbor and Wailua Bay. Just be sure to check for closed fishing seasons before you book your vacation so that you can surely try shore fishing in these areas. You should also check the size and possession limits on the piers to make sure that you are not breaking any laws while shore fishing in Oahu, Hawaii.

When you go shore fishing, make sure that you take in the view as well. You will not only enjoy catching a number of fish; you will also feel more relaxed and rejuvenated when you get to appreciate the beauty of the area.


Shore Fishing in Oahu, Hawaii| Places to Go Vacation Shore Fishing in HI

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