How to talk like Dog the Bounty Hunter

April 8, 2011

So you think Dog the Bounty Hunter is cool when he says “How’z it bra” and you want to find out what language that is.  Or, you might just think ‘what the heck did he just say’?  Don’t be a haole, learn the local language.

Pidgin is a creole language spoken by many Hawaiians.  It originated between English speaking residents and non-English speaking immigrants.

Ok, enough of the history lesson.  Let’s learn some cool pidgin phrase and fun Hawaiian words.

Howzit brah:  how is it brother
Braddah: brother
Da’ Kine: the real thing or a whatchamacallit (pretty much anything)
Brok’ Da Mout: the food tastes really good
Dat:  that
Fo’ Real:  are you serious?
Grind: to eat like a Hawaiian (a lot)
Ho Brah: prelude to describe something intense
Jalike?: wanna do something?
Like beef?:  you want to fight?
Mo’ Bettah: really good or good idea
No Act: quit showing off
Shaka: great, cool, excellent.  The ‘hang loose’ sign (holding out the thumb and pinky)
Try move: move out of the way
We go: let’s go


Aloha: hello, goodbye, welcome, a romantic affection, or best wishes.  Just a general good feeling.
Hale: house
Haole: white person or foreigner
Hawaiian time: late
Hula: a native Hawaiian dance
Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua’a: Hawaiian State fish (rectagular trigger)
Da Big Kahuna: a highly skilled person
Kamaaina: a long time island resident.  Learn this one to get big discounts.
Kane: man
Keiki: child
Kokua: help or assistance
Lei: a traditional garland of flowers
Local style: anything typical or the way people do things in Hawaii – laid back
Lua: bathroom
Luau: Hawaiian feast
Ohana: family
Ono: delicious
Pau: done/finished
Pu pu: appetizer
Ukulele: a small 4 – 8 string folk instrument
Wahine: a young woman
Wiki wiki: very fast

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  • Lokemele says:

    Fo’ Real 😉

  • Evelyn's Granny says:

    Love this – thank you! Wonder if you might include the pronunciations?

  • notkama'aina says:

    keep in mind kama’aina discounts are to help locals afford to have some fun in their home islands. Many places offering discounts now require showing a Hawaiian drivers license. If everyone used the discounts just to get a better deal, there may be less businesses able to stick around and less choices for everyone.

    1. Anonymous says:

      True dat!

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