Oahu, Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing

April 20, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Oahu, Hawaii

There are so many spots where you can go deep sea fishing in Hawaii. And because there are many deep sea fishing Oahu, Hawaii charters, you will surely be able to choose the one that will provide you with everything you need to catch the biggest fish that you will ever catch.

deep sea fishing in oahu hawaiiOahu, HI Deep Sea Fishing

Here are some guidelines and a short list of places where you can go deep sea fishing in Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Bring Your Friends Along

Most deep sea fishing charters can accommodate up to six people. So, you do not have to be alone when you go fishing. You can invite your friends to go deep sea fishing with you so that you can enjoy it more.

Be sure to ask the fishing charter of your choice if there are additional fees for each person coming with you so that you will know how much you are really going to pay.

  • Ask the Locals

Aside from following the guidelines of the personnel in the fishing charter that you have rented, you should also ask the locals for the best baits and the best techniques that you can use to catch big fish. Because the fish in the area might be harder to bait than you might expect, it is best to be prepared with additional information about the offers that the fish would accept and the right way of casting the bait.

  • Know the Kinds of Fishes that You Want to Catch

Different areas have different kinds of fishes. So it is ideal to know what kind of fishes that you want to catch when deciding where you would want to fish and which fishing charter you would want to rent.

Some charters have specialties in catching certain kinds of fishes so you better ask what kinds of fishes you would likely catch when you avail of their services. This way, you can select the deep sea fishing charter that can take you where the kinds of fishes that you want to catch are likely staying.

  • Waianae Coast

If you want to catch really large fishes, you might want to go deep sea fishing at Waianae Coast. The area is abundant in yellow fin tuna, marlin, dolphin fish and Ono. You will be able to catch fish in the Waianae Coast fairly easily because of the calm water. The coast is also known as the most abundant fishing grounds in Hawaii, making it fairly easy for tourists to catch the biggest fish that they have caught in the lifetime.

  • North Shore Harbors

You can visit North Shore harbors to see various charter fishing vessels that can take you to various spots where you can go deep fishing. Most deep sea fishing charters provide everything that you would need for the activity; you just need to bring your food and personal stuff. But make sure to ask before you go on a fishing trip so that you are certain that you do not have to bring your fishing gear with you.


Oahu, HI Deep Sea Fishing in North Shore Hawaii

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  • Hawaii is well known for its deep sea fishing harbors. People flock to its islands to catch Blue Marlin, one of the most prized fishes. The best time to find them is the Summer. Grouper, also known as the big eye Tuna is another favorite and can be found in the Fall. Hawaii is guarded by the five mountain chains and that’s what helps to keep its water serene. When you go with any of the deep sea fishing charters, go with an empty mind – it’s better to not have any expectations. Enjoy the experience rather than worry about what you’ll catch and show off to friends. If you haven’t done any deep sea fishing in the past, go with an experienced crew. Not only are they familiar with the different species of fish, they’ll ensure you have all the safety equipment and the right kind of boat to make your trip memorable.

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