Location of Elvis Presley Movies and Concerts in Hawaii

January 20, 2013

elvis_in-hawaiiLocation of Elvis Presley Movies and Concerts in Hawaii in Celebration of 40 Year First Concert

It has been forty years since Elvis Presley had his first concert in Hawaii. Since then, the state has become one of his favorite vacation destinations, and in fact, three of the most popular movies he made were shot there. Up until now, the memories of Elvis are still very evident in the island. And as such, most of the Hawaii tour packages including those that were organized by Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals are comprised of Elvis’ concert and movie locations. If you are planning to visit Hawaii in order to check out the location of Elvis Presley movies and concerts in Hawaii in celebration of 40 year first concert, here are some of the places you are expected to visit if you want to experience what Elvis did when he was in Hawaii.

Neal Blaisdell Center

Formerly called the Honolulu International Arena, the Neal Blaisdell Center is where Elvis had his first biggest concert ever, dubbed “Aloha from Hawaii”. The said concert was broadcasted live via satellite in January 1973 and had an audience of more than 1.5 billion people. The stadium still looks the same as no major renovations were made and you will even find Elvis Presley’s statue outside, right in front of the stadium near the main entrance. The statue is intricately made and it even includes that same diamond ring that he wore during the concert. Fans and visitors from all over the world would often leave floral lei on the statue as a custom, so you might want to give this a try as well.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay, which is located on the southeast coast of Hawaii’s Oahu Island, is the location of Blue Hawaii, one of Elvis’ most famous movies. Most of the beach scenes from said movie were filmed on this location and two other movies of the famous singer were also shot there. These movies are the Girls Girls Girls, which was filmed in 1962 and the Paradise Hawaiian Style that was shot in 1965.

Of the three movies, it’s the Blue Hawaii that has become the most successful and has become a big hit all over the world. The shack where Maile and Chad changed into their swimming attire is no longer there, but the beach still maintains its breathtaking views with beautiful turquoise waters and fine white sand. In 1965, Elvis was said to have returned to Hanauma Bay in order to film a helicopter rescue scene for the musical comedy, “Paradise Hawaiian Style”.

Lanikai Beach elvis_presley_concert-hawaii

Lanikai beach is where Elvis rented a private house during his vacation on the island in the year 1977. The beautiful beach is still being used as a private resort for the residents only. It was said that getting access to this beach is too difficult, and as a matter of fact, US President Barrack Obama had stayed on this same resort when he had his vacation in Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor

Another destination that you are most likely to visit when booking a Hawaiian Elvis Tour Package is the Pearl Harbor. Located in the mainland area of Oahu, this is where the benefit concert of Elvis was held in 1961, as a means to raise funds in remembrance of the many men who had lost their lives during the Japanese invasion of the Pearl Harbour in December 1941. The funds were intended to be used to build the USS Arizona Memorial, which will serve as the resting place of more than a thousand marines and sailors that were killed during the Japanese attack.

Unfortunately, the earnings from the concert were not enough, so Elvis and the Colonel have added some funds to be used for the USS Arizona Memorial. Because of this, Elvis’ name was engraved on a plaque at the memorial as an appreciation for his generous donations. But the plaque is no longer on the memorial now, although there is still an acknowledgement within the museum of the famous singer’s huge contribution.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Another location that you should not miss is the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This is the hotel where Elvis was said to have stayed on many occasions, especially during his concerts in Oahu that were often held on the Honolulu Stadium. During that time, Hilton is considered to be the tallest building in Waikiki and was among the most luxurious hotels in Hawaii. His entourage was said to have hired the entire top floor of the Hilton when Elvis was staying there. The hotel, also called the Rainbow Tower, can be visibly seen if you take one of the helicopter tours in the Island.

Excellent resorts like Turtle Bay weren’t around when Elvis came to Hawaii.  We’d like to think he would have preferred to stay with us instead of a busy hotel area of Oahu.

The Ilikai Hotel

The Ilikai hotel is another hotel where Elvis has stayed at on one of his visits to Hawaii. But unlike the Hilton, the hotel has not had many renovations and looks a bit old already. The restaurant on the hotel called “The Top of the I” is where he would often dine. But now, this restaurant was renamed and is now called “Sarenta”.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is another destination that you will visit when checking out the location of Elvis Presley movies and concerts in Hawaii in celebration of 40 year first concert. This location was featured on the movie Paradise Hawaiian Style which Elvis has starred in. If you visit the place, you will be welcomed with a drum ceremony by the locals and the highlight of the place is the hut that Elvis had used as a changing room when he was filming the movie. If you are a diehard fan of Elvis Presley, you will certainly love the thought that you are in a place that your favorite singer had once used.

These are just some of the places that you are most likely to visit when visiting Hawaii to take part in the Hawaiian Elvis Tour. You can check with Turtle Bay Resort Rentals to inquire for the rates. You may want to also include on your tour package some other interesting locations in Oahu, such as the Kawela Bay Beach at Turtle Bay Resort, Turtle Bay Resort Golf Courses, Waimea Bay Beach, North Shore Oahu Sunset Beach and many more.


Location of Elvis Presley Movies, Films, and Concerts in Hawaii

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